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Seeking Info About the Bausch & Lomb Projection Lens

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Thanks for all these posts, it's really helpful.  I just acquired a B&L Cinemascope Projector Attachment I and info is scarce at best.  If I can test this one out, I might use it as a replacement for my Isco.  

It appears my copy is completely seized up on the front end.  I might try some 3-in-1 and cross my fingers to get that red ring off...

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Do not buy these useless beasts. They are too stubborn and clumsy. My Rectimascop 64/2X is sitting on the shelf looking all stupid at me.

This is great information, BIG thanks! I just purchased the same lens of Ebay and was searching all over the web for info and this has to be the best posting so far, I am gonna follow your findings an

BOLD,  After reviewing the info and your posts from page 1 showing with the green arrows and viewing the "COOKING ANAMORPHIC LENS" video and other videos, It seems to me that the idea here is trying t

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