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  1. Cleaned it up a bit with a little carbon fiber wrap and added a 58-77 stepping ring on front for ND filter ?
  2. Hi everyone I Just wanted to update everyone that I have Found that the front part of a 55mm metal lens hood will fit perfectly into the m58 Helicoid, in order to make it fit over the Bell & Howell scope you have to cut off the 55mm side so it can slide over (I used a exhaust pipe cutter for cutting, it wasn’t the easiest but definitely doable ?)
  3. BOLD, After reviewing the info and your posts from page 1 showing with the green arrows and viewing the "COOKING ANAMORPHIC LENS" video and other videos, It seems to me that the idea here is trying to get the two lens, front and rear closer to achieve closer focusing. I think the images with the green arrows tells me that we do not have to cut the B&L in half like Cooking Anamorphic's video, instead looks like we can modify the B&L by cutting maybe an inch off more or less the front outer element housing where in your photo shows the gap between the inner barrow and outer barrow with
  4. Here's a photo of my B&L attached to the camera
  5. This is great information, BIG thanks! I just purchased the same lens of Ebay and was searching all over the web for info and this has to be the best posting so far, I am gonna follow your findings and repeat some of what you are doing, can't wait to see more of your results
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