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  1. You need to separate the helicoid from the front glass housing. Just take out all the screws, and go from there. Soon you will figure it out. When you have the front glass housing & rear glass housing separately, then you have a lot of options to go from there, check our recent rehousing efforts on a similar 35mm scope: https://rapidotechnology.wordpress.com/2021/02/16/story-behind-developing-fvd-35np-fmj-35/
  2. Finally, the tutorial about rehousing the B&L attachment I scope: https://rapidotechnology.wordpress.com/2021/02/16/story-behind-developing-fvd-35np-fmj-35/ Enjoy my friends.
  3. You should adjust the rear glass's orientation, instead of removing the locking tab from the front glass housing. Best of luck.
  4. Check the FVD-35A, which is designed for 35mm projection anamorphic scopes, like HIFI-2: https://www.rapidotechnology.com/products/front-variable-diopter/fvd-35a
  5. HI, Racer5, PM me on facebook, will send you the manual of 16A, it has instructions to adjust the drag force yourself. Best, Jim Rapido
  6. I have most of larger 35mm scopes, probably 20 of them. I like HIF-2, Bausch Lomb Attachment I, and Moller 63/2x, which are vintage look, the ISCO & Schneider are modern & cleaner looks. I am trying to shoot some tests of these scopes pairing with FVD-35A, stay tuned. https://www.rapidotechnology.com/products/front-variable-diopter/fvd-35a
  7. You don't need to modify it, just a little bit heavier than 16mm scopes. Pretty sharp lens.
  8. Mauri's fully assembled lens package with customized engraving. Check out Mauri's amazing work at: http://www.mauridgaliano.es/
  9. Just finished the first customized engraving metal jacket. More customized jackets & jackets for Bolex 16/32 & Kowa C35 are coming.
  10. Here are some pictures of the Rapido Front Metal Jacket with CoreDNA front mounted. Front Metal Jackets for Bolex 16/32, and Kowa C35/1.5X are coming very soon.
  11. Here is a picture from a customer of FMJ, he is using Kowa 8Z with CoreDNA. I will post more picture from other customers, who have customized the engraving on the FMJ. Stay tuned.
  12. This is developed for the people who like to build a definite professional looking anamorphic lens with Rectilux HardCoreDNA or SLRMagic Rangefinder. Customized engraving service is available, so you can put focal length & T stop engraving on the lens, like real cinema anamorphic lens does. Features: Exchangeable connection to Rectilux HardCoreDNA or SLRMagic Rangefinder Rail support bracket with ¼-20 screw mounting hole to use with SmallRig Quick Release Lens Support Build-in locking mechanism to prevent focus ring of the anamorphic lens from rotating Standard 82mm thread connection to Rapido V2 clamp Customized engraving service (with additional cost) Maintain minimum distance between variable diopters and anamorphic lens Supported anamorphic lens list: Kowa 8z/16H Kowa B&H ISCO Cinemascope Ultra-Star (Red) ISCO Cinemascope Ultra-Star 50 mm (Golden) Schneider Super Cinelux Anamorphic 2X MC Schneider ES Cinelux Anamorphic 2X MC For more information, check over here: http://www.rapidotechnology.com/products-services/rapido-front-metal-jacket
  13. Hi, Hank, Here is the independent encoder unit, which can be rail mounted on the side to record rotational information of the focus ring. I also provide two controller packages for order, package A & package B. package B is the one without the motor unit, and it's part 0009 at http://www.rapidotechnology.com/home I can modify the controller parameter to work with your Berkey motor, I can also provide an additional motor cable connector, which you can wire it to your Berkeley motor. Thanks. Jim Rapido
  14. Hi, Hanks, The current motor cable connector in the Single Focus Solution is the 4 pin connector as seen below. I can provide you a cable with open wires at the end, and the pin layout, you can wire them to the Berkeley cable connector, by matching pin layout correctly. The current controller works fine with 12V stepper with max current around 1A. So only thing you would need is a special motor cable. I can provide that as an option to order. The price of the package without motor will be listed on the website too. :-), will update soon. Thanks for the input. Jim
  15. I certain can do that, but different stepper motors have different voltage & current ratings, it may not be compatible to the current controller, which could end up overheating your motor & drain up your battery very fast. If you really want to use the berkey motor, I would have to get a full spec of that motor & adjust parameters in the controller accordingly. btw, the current motor doesn't have encoder on it.
  16. Hi, Hanks, Thanks for the suggestions, really appreciated. I am working on an independent encoder unit, that can be mounted on the side to measure the rotation of the anamorphic focus ring. As you mentioned, this will help people with non-supported follow focus units. To work with non internal focusing taking lens, I plan to create an Adapter Housing connecting the V2 clamp's rear 77mm thread to the stationary part of the taking lens, so even the front element moves out, it will be hidden inside this Adapter Housing, A prototype design is undergoing for Helios 44-2 58mm f/2 lens. Will update soon. After calibration, the controller stores the calibration result, so you don't need to re-calibrate the lens after power-off. Just move both lens to the starting point, and power on, you are ready to go. Only time when you need to re-calibrate is when you switch to a new taking lens or a new anamorphic lens. I plan to implement trajectory recording functions, and user can switch between multiple trajectories on the fly, without need to re-calibrate. Thank you again, I will keep you updated. Jim Chang Rapido I am working on a re-housing solution for the Helios lens, which hidden the protruding front inside a adapter housing, this housing connects the V2 clamp's rear thread to the stationary part of the Helios. Thanks,
  17. Introducing Rapido Single Focus Solution: http://www.rapidotechnology.com/ Test Video: https://vimeo.com/213997325
  18. Looking forward to the video. :-) You are right, mechanical is an important part of the system. At this point, I don't have time to develop a one for all type of single focus solution, the focus will be on the image quality, sharpness & neutral color flares. After this, I will probably provide lens rehouse service, which rehouse the single focus solution & the anamorphic lens as one single lens. Then all the mechanical side of the design will be addressed.
  19. So this is how parts connect together: Anamorphic lens + step down ring + V2 clamp + step up ring + Taking lens. the gold slip ring is secured inside the black ring by three screws. The clamp is customized for each vintage anamorphic lens by using the customized step down ring to connect the vintage lens to the clamp. See more details over here: http://www.rapidotechnology.com/products-services/customized-step-up-down-rings Or send me an email to info@rapidotechnology.com, thanks, Jim
  20. Check out the test video of the Rapido Single Focus Solution, my setup is as follows: Camera: GH4 Taking Lens: Rokion 85mm T1.5 Cine Lens for CANON Anamorphic Lens: KOWA for Bell & Howell Anamorphic Clamp: Rapido V2 Clamp ISO setting: 1600 Shutter speed: 400 Aperture: T1.5 Video format: MOV, FHD Aspect ratio: 3.556:1 (1920:1080 with 2X anamorphic squeeze) The minimum focus is 1 meter. Different anamorphic lenses are used as focus targets, set between 1 meter and 2.5 meters from the camera. The video shows racking focusing from close focus to infinity. The aperture is kept wide open at T1.5. There is no sharpness drop comparing to the original Kowa & Rokinon combination, and there is no change of the original flare/bokeh character from the anamorphic lens. This is the main difference comparing to other Single Focus Solutions, like SLR Magics, FM Module, and Rectilux. More test videos will be uploaded soon. Youtube video is here: https://youtu.be/h96fqNsKpEI Vimeo video is here: https://vimeo.com/206798264 (better resolution) Music: Cloud by Ehrling, link: https://soundcloud.com/ehrling/ehrling-clouds
  21. I tested Century 0.7X converter lens, it's designed for Panasonic DVX100A/B camera which only has 1/3" Optical Sensor Size. When using it on camera with full frame sensor, even with 100mm prime lens, the aberrations over edge is crazy, but maybe someone would love it. if you want to build a sharp one, pick something else for your test. Navitar is a decent one: https://navitar.com/products/projection/screenstar-conversion-lenses/standard-screenstar-lenses/
  22. It would be better to do paypal transaction directly, to avoid ebay fees. :-)
  23. If you want to sell some of these lenses? I would be interested in buying from you. :-), how many do you have? info@rapidotechnology.com, let me know, thanks. Jim Rapido
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