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Sony RX10 II review and slowmo footage


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I've recently tested the new Sony RX10 II video capabilites. Have a look at this video:

I come from a Canon 7D and these are my initial thoughts:

  • Camera body is small, very small. Build quality is good but not great as the 7D.
  • Controls for video are better than my 7D, specially the iris ring, custom assignable buttons, built-in ND filter, shooting aids, etc
  • Menu layout is very clear and professional looking
  • Video quality is definitively crisper and clear than the one from 7D, but it lacks the CANON look&feel. The video from the Sony is more video-ish, less filmic. You can only achieve decent DoF at 200m f2.8.
  • Low light sensitivity is pretty good for a 1" sensor
  • Zoom speed is lame, slow in standby mode and not responsive at all when recording (so slow it seems like a toy). Very frustrating.
  • Slow-mo at 240/250 fps is awesome. I would say that it equals Sony FS700 with regards to picture quality. But you are limited to 2seg (not too bad actually). The problem is that you must set the zoom, iris, focus (basically everything) prior to actually start shooting. Once the camera is in continous recording mode you cannot change anything. What's the point Sony here?? Very difficult to operate and most of the times, getting the perfect shot is a trial and error procedure.
  • S-log2 and picture profiles not tested yet.
  • LCD: good resolution, but small form factor. Same for viewfinder.
  • Autofocus for video: not fully tested. It seems to work but not impressed.
  • Battery life: very good. Shot all day with 1 battery and a half. Good job sony!
  • XAVC codec: very good, good file sizes, no compression artifacts and lightning-fast to edit and render from Sony Vegas. Love it!
  • Recording media: cheap SD cards.

As you can see I have mixed feelings from this little camera. Some things are impressive (like the slowmo) but others remind you that you have a consumer camera in your hands (zoom&focus controls). Have a look at the following video and tell me what you think.



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EOSHD Pro Color 5 for Sony cameras EOSHD Z LOG for Nikon CamerasEOSHD C-LOG and Film Profiles for All Canon DSLRs

Thanks for the review. I can't judge video as I am watching on iPad but I know what you mean about it not looking filmic: no depth in the shots and noticed some artifacts at the end around the helmuts. Maybe S Log will give it a better look.

Mountain biking looks fun, I wanna try it now. Was always put off in the past as I assumed it meant cycling up hills. This stuff looks like you can drive up then ride down crazy fast.

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I have to try S-log2 but not sure if it can help with outdoor shots like these. The base iso for slog2 is pretty high, i would need to put the ND filter and close the iris and loosing even more DoF. Even though is very difficult to keep moving objects like these in focus with shallow depth of field so I guess that 1" is not much of an issue.

Yes, MTB it is fun for sure! :)

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