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New short shot on Red Weapon


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thanks - yes cinematography is a different way to communicate beyond words.

But being able to speak to the director in plain language is important too.  So I'm working on the speaking thing.  Thanks for putting up with my nonsense.

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Good feedback - thanks guys.

I just shot it and also didn't edit it so I can't really talk to the film as content itself.  But the DP does sometimes has a say in performance - in this case, it's mostly visual so I guess I do take the fall for the performance :)

The edit - well I'm going to try a version for the DP cut that's faster and feels more like memories failing and breaking - I'm curious to see if that would change performance as well - would be a good test.

Thinking of "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" how that deals with memory and failing memory.  I love that film so much.

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