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seems like there is a tiny spot of fungus inside my iscorama36....what can i do?

greg weisert

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hey people,


i own a pre36 iscorama which i really love! last days i did this flashlight test to see how the optics are looking, and i saw a tiny spot of fungus inside the frontlens. it is very hard to take a picture from this, but i am sure it is fungus. i will bring the lens to a technician tomorrow.

do you have any experience with fungus on iscorama36? i am somehow scared that the fungus will spread more and more and at the end destroy my lens :/

is it possible to clean it?




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good news is its on an easy to access element.  keep it in direct sunlight in a  sealed clear bag surrounded by silica gel pouches.  always do this if lenses get used only occasionally.  the light and lack of moisture will kill it dead.


I use a ikea jansjo desk lamp to blast light into lenses on a regular basis - as well as some silica pouches.  


be selective of the tech you use.  most wont have experience opening an isocrama.


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