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Shooting doc on the Sony F35


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Shot with the f35 to Odyssey 7Q - lightweight and small and battery efficient.  Shot to Pro Res HQ with Red 18-50 and 50-150 lenses.

It's very possible to use this camera now to do doc-work.  Now with variable ND options like with the Revar Cine-Tray




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I just bought a third f35 from ebay for $6k.  then odyssey 7q for about $3k including media and then lenses and matte box and nd - but you can use lenses and media and matte box and nd on any other camera so it's future proofed.  PL glass is here to stay.

So around $15k - but like I said, you can use the camera on commercial gigs or the gear on commercial gigs as well.

Or you can rent it for pretty cheap too.  I have three of them.

So basically it's the same cost more or less as shooting with the Ursa Mini 4.6k but with better motion for now and excellent highlight rolloff - and it exists and has been improved for years - it's a mature product - and has excellent color reproduction.

It's about buying a camera that went thru the ringer already vs gambling on a camera that may need some firmware updates to get decent.  



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