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Behold the killer DJI Phantom


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That 's awesome.  I hope it's truly just a short/trailer and not an entire feature, because the joke wouldn't stretch THAT long...but this clip was great.

I got rid of my drone recently for an even scarier reason:  wide angle aerial shots have now become a cliche' and as such just not worth doing (for me).  Still useful every now and again, just not valuable enough to justify having it around all the time.

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I know a shoot, and I swear I'm not making this stuff up, where the drone battery died while they were trying to get it configured.  So they had a PA hold the drone and fly it around, like a boy with a model airplane in his hands, and recorded the video that way!  (actually, looked pretty good!) To protect the innocent I'm not going to send you the link :)  

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