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sony a5100 raw footage


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I like this channel for video comparison, excellent choice of location for highlighting flaws. Water, rooftiles, trees etc. Sadly execution is a bit flawed, would be nice if he could choose to shoot in similar weather condition for every cam but of course that would be more time consuming.

Anyway, the Sony a5100 footage looks very similar to my Nex-5R, not in a positiv way. Same horrible moire in the rooftiles, mushy colors and aliasing. I dont think that shooting xavc compared to avchd will make a huge difference there. But well, dynamic range seems to be nice as always.

I love my Nex-5R and shot alot of videos with it, but look and the test videos of the Samsung NX500 or BM Pocket of the same scene, quality difference is quite staggering!



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The a5100 image is quite good for 1080p,slightly better than a6000. I think most people with video in mind would actually purchase a a6000 do to better overall functionality.I wouldn't say it's a crappy camera but a camera mostly brought by people who don't highlight its image strengths. I thought these two videos represent decent video from the cam.



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