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Possibly giving up my Sony a7s for Samsung NX1


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Been using both alot this week, in Iceland.... I find they compliment each other well... A7s for high contrast shots and low light (real time aurora!)... NX1 for 4K and 120fps. Both work great for timelapse, 6.5K on the NX1 is immense and helps for punching in where the lens can't reach. Stunning details. Also like the 4K 4/2/1fps mode for quick, smooth timelapse

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Hi all!  I've been following this forum for almost a year now, so I thought I'd finally jump in and join discussions!  Glad to be a part of the great community here.

I've been an owner of an a7s for about 3 weeks now, and I'm loving everything about it, from low light abilities to its dynamic range (8-bit or not).  There's just one big deal breaker that has me ready to sell it to a potential buyer tomorrow on craigslist: the colors from the camera.  To be frank, I despise the color rendition.  I've taken great measures to ensure that white balance is on point with my scenes, and that my exposure reflects what has produced great results for others online.  Even still, I find that color accuracy is just plain off, usually containing too much red/yellow, and other times just plain iffy.

So do I throw in the towel, or do I keep this amazing camera and subscribe to Color Grading Central and continue to get my color correction/grading skills up?
Thanks again guys!


​Color Grading does a fair job with the A7s depending on LUT and how you expose the scene. Here are a couple of examples....




These are up for a short short time .... password : daysend

Color is correctable whereas inherent DR and sensitivity are pretty much set by sensor selection...

I have a ways to go with the camera but think that once dialed in it delivers a lot for the money.



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A number of colleague/friend DPs have bought up A7s' recently - one is currently in Sri Lanka shooting on anamorphics and the images they're getting are absolutely stunning (and oddly enough, don't exhibit the colour issues that many here complain about.....)

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Jay_rox: most people complaining about the A7s refer to skin tone... 

Personally I haven't used it, but I think the footage available online looks great. I just got the NX1 because I needed 4k and I also like the colors. But it feels like the A7s has more room for grading.

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