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***GH2 Questions


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Can you use extra tele in HBR mode?

Is the new firmware 1.1 HBR crisper than 44 vanilla patch?

How much better is the intra 88mbps patch compared to Vanilla & Seaquake Patches?

Is intra 88mbps good at long recording times?

Can you use extra tele mode in 88mbps or will the camera freeze?


Has any1 successfully hacked the GX1 allowing you use GH2 patches, etc?

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Hope Andrew weighs in.

I am too chicken to hack, but have been using the HBR p30 at 16:9 and the Voigtlander 25/0.95 a lot over the holidays for low light indoor shoots and outdoor snow sports, either Cinema or Standard, with additional flattening, shutter speed at 1/60.  I'm pleased with the results.  Can't say I'm enamoured of Nostalgic film setting.

Another question to add to your list - is there any hope of a hack which could re-assign the video button? 
I turn it off, else inadvertently hitting it will reset recording mode to 720.  Unfortunately, this means you have to use the mode dial if you want to shoot a few stills.
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I prefer Vanilla 44 patch to V1.1 HBR... 44Mbit sharper than HBR and it is native 24p. Remember that HBR is 30p inside interlaced wrapper unless you have a PAL GH2 when it is 25p inside 50i wrapper.

Not compared my Intra 88 to Seaquake. Motion is better compared to Vanilla 44 but Intra is not good at long record times because it is an i-frame patch.

Yes you can use ex-tele no problem.

No hack for the GX1 yet. Similar to G3 in different body.
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