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  1. Well, 16:9 may be "TV rubbish" to Andrew, but not to a lot of us.  Come come, the numbers who go to a cinema continue to drop - TV is where most viewing if done, and what most video is shot for.  16:9 video is all I am interested in shooting with a camera of the DSLR genre or a competing camcorder like the Black Magic.
  2. Hope they are listening Andrew!  They should, as it is really you and Vitaly who have put the GH series on the map.  Of course, it sure helped to have such a capable camera from a company with considerable depth in video, despite their best efforts to reign in the horses so they could sell a product most of us can't afford.  Trust the lesson has been learned.
  3. An interesting "first cut", and hopefully will generate income to cover future model development.  The sensor size is smart, the lens mount not.  They need to provide a mount with a very short flange to sensor distance, and a largish mount diameter.  That way, the MILC lenses (NEX, m43, NX, Xpro etc) can be adapted, as well as all the legacy SLR/DSLR glass.
  4. Yes the Nokton is a favorite, especially at night.  For daytime, with a little telephoto required, I'm using a Pentax f4 35-70 which seems to be parfocal - cost me $40, and so far I'm a fan.
  5. pdc

    ***GH2 Questions

    Hope Andrew weighs in. I am too chicken to hack, but have been using the HBR p30 at 16:9 and the Voigtlander 25/0.95 a lot over the holidays for low light indoor shoots and outdoor snow sports, either Cinema or Standard, with additional flattening, shutter speed at 1/60.  I'm pleased with the results.  Can't say I'm enamoured of Nostalgic film setting. Another question to add to your list - is there any hope of a hack which could re-assign the video button?  I turn it off, else inadvertently hitting it will reset recording mode to 720.  Unfortunately, this means you have to use the mode dial if you want to shoot a few stills.
  6. Try Zoner 14 $65, 30 day trial or PhotoDirector $69, 30 day trial or DxO Pro 7 $99, 30 day trial or Bibble or .. I forget, there are so many In the end I settled on a combo package of PhotoDirector for RAWs and PowerDirector for Videos ($112 total).
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