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  1. [url=http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/736362-REG/Panasonic_DMC_GH2H_K_Lumix_DMC_GH2_Digital_Camera.html]http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/736362-REG/Panasonic_DMC_GH2H_K_Lumix_DMC_GH2_Digital_Camera.html[/url]
  2. I want something that is already assembled
  3. Which lens is the sharpest? From what I've the reviews online these are the sharpest of the sharp, but which one is supreme? :)
  4. Does this mean that this patch has a lag with audio and video sync or?
  5. [quote author=Andrew Reid - EOSHD link=topic=136.msg1126#msg1126 date=1325906199] I suggest Cody does his own research here, for the best. [/quote] Tried what? There is many patches? Which you refer to?
  6. Us Americans Have Feelings You Know! ;)
  7. Detail is all im concerned about period!
  8. Andrew could you do a comparison between the 3 and post?  :)
  9. cody

    ***GH2 Questions

    So is Vanilla the best to use or 88mbps? I mean if the 88mbps isnt that much better why bother?
  10. Any suggestions? $200 or less...
  11. No SEAQUAKE is currently the greatest patch Ive seen @ 720 50p...
  12. Photoshop Elements 10, Lightroom, or Other?
  13. cody

    ***GH2 Questions

    Can you use extra tele in HBR mode? Is the new firmware 1.1 HBR crisper than 44 vanilla patch? How much better is the intra 88mbps patch compared to Vanilla & Seaquake Patches? Is intra 88mbps good at long recording times? Can you use extra tele mode in 88mbps or will the camera freeze? PLEASE HELP*** --- Has any1 successfully hacked the GX1 allowing you use GH2 patches, etc? Thanks, Cody
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