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Cheap but usable motorised focal focus (not wireless)?


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Am looking around for a cheap but usable motorised focal focus (not wireless) to use on a CAME 7800 gimbal with Rokinon Cine DS lenses.

This one at $299 seems reasonable:

Another one I've seen mentioned a few times is this one:

This one is wireless and a tad bit too bulky and expensive, but might consider it (though way too noisy... but maybe it might work for our needs, perhaps):

Any other suggestions or reviews on these?


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Too late to edit now, but adding another to the list:



Edit: hmmm.....    seems it is not even shipping yet.


Edit 2: ahhh... they did start shipping a few days ago. So perhaps a little too early to firm an opinion on them just yet.


Stumbled across an open source project too:



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Well, after looking into this a lot over the last few days it looks like I'm going to try and go down the DIY path...  ! Any references to others who have done this or tips there would be appreciated.

The reasons for this is a mix of budgetary constraints, and time constraint (we basically need it asap, as the shoot date is not too far away.... and it takes a while to get things shipped from overseas to the ends of the earth where I live).

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Perhaps a silly idea, but wouldn't LEGO stuff work? As a kid I used to play around with that kind of stuff.

'Cause kinda thinking of it, you need a motor with gearing, a controller and them some way to mount and drive it. Should work? Not sure about powering the whole thing. If I remember correctly, the power for the motor comes from the controler that takes like 4 AA batteries. Also not sure if the motor would be powerful enough. Professional looking it might not be either, lol. But it could be a working and cheap option.

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