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Is Adobe Premiere to blame for banding in 8bit DSLR footage?

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It's unfortunate not to see any mention of Final Cut Pro X in this article.  The release of the new design troubled many Final Cut Pro 7 users, but the majority who were annoyed at the drastic changes

first world problems... 1 out of 100 will notice this after downloading the clip and not watching your video on vimeo or youtube. IF it is uploaded and watchable. 

@Andrew: Some tip for Your 5k iMac. If you hold Option while clicking on "Scaled" then it'll let you choose 5120x2880. So You are able to use 1:1 Pixel.

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2 hours ago, Jaime Valles said:

Wow, I somehow missed this article when it came out almost 2 years ago. Fascinating stuff. Does anyone know if the banding issue is still in Premiere? And does it affect all 8-bit cameras or just the 1DC?

Si tu tarjeta es Nvidia -CUDA- no deberías tener ningún problema (al menos, generado por Premiere), yo no lo he tenido.

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12 hours ago, Don Kotlos said:

Log profiles with low bitrate 4:2:0 8bit codecs should only be used when it is really (I mean really) necessary like high contrast scenes. More so with slog2/3 from Sony that is one of the most aggressive log curves out there. Shooting everything in slog with codecs like that is a common mistake that leads to banding and bad tonalities. 

Thanks very much for your reply. Would using an external recorder to gain 4:2:2 resolve the banding at all?

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