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  1. It's clear to me that you haven't really used FCPX professionally if you are saying silly things like this: 'With the clip placing tool the magnetic timeline acts like a normal one. Much more sensible now. I'll give it a go. I need to place clips perfectly in sync to an audio track and the magnetic timeline would knock everything out.' The magnetic timeline is a work of genius and the irony in your statement is that it actually ensures that your clips remain perfectly in sync when making changes to parts of the timeline 'project'. You can also move the connection marker (lines extending from connected clips) to suit your edit. The limitation here is completely in your lack of training in FCPX and I highly recommend you spend the time getting to really know FCPX because the rewards are substantial.
  2. ​You don't need to transcode in FCPX, that's the point.
  3. I'm cutting some films right now in FCPX using the 'raw' 4k footage from my Canon 1DC and it's no hassle at all. On slower machines you can just set it to create proxy Prores LT files in the background while you edit. Editing in Resolve!?!
  4. What an interesting acquisition! I've been enjoying the 1DC for over a year now and I've not seen anything from the FS7 that comes close. With your technical knowledge, can you tell me why the 1DC can't be updated/hacked to allow a 4k output? At the moment I'm using the Ninjablade for HD, which is the best I've seen from a DSLR when you use the internal 4k 25P setting, outputting HD, and 4k when I have more time/budget allowance. Look forward to seeing your tests.
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