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DaVinci Resolve Iscorama question.


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So I have a de-squeeze question when in resolve. 

I shot a few test clips 5kHD - Red epic. and I want to de squeeze them in resolve. ( I will set my correction node to timeline and adjust as a whole)

Does anyone know what the parameters are that I need to set to get the correct de-squeeze? Is it better to stretch the height (i.e change the height parameter). Or, Stretch the width and then scale down using the zoom parameter?

Images attached.

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 13.04.52.png

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 13.04.16.png

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If I remember the Iscorama (and most all anamorphics) aren't 1.5x throughout the range.  In fact it's more like 1.4x.  2x anamorphics are more like 1.8x.  I've tested different aspect ratios and give me your opinion on what's the best ratio.  Presented is the original 4K unsqeezed, 1.33x, 1.4x and 1.5x.

GH4 4K Original 16:9


1.33x ratio


1.4x ratio


1.5x ratio


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I prefer the 1.4x version.  Thoughts?

​I see your point. When shooting faces I sometimes 'under squeeze' a bit (sometimes too much). I guess it a subjective thing. I think sometimes we get a distorted view of our images because we have seen the original. Plus i think it depends on different factors, focal length, subject  distance, talking lens.  It can make your workflow tricky.

If I saw the x1.5 version of your shot in something, I don't think it would leap out as 'wrong'. But maybe the x1.4 looks more natural.

its a weird one, but it makes shooting anamorphic more fun.


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Its very hard to say without seeing the true / original image, but for sure the 1.4x looks better but she might have just had a round face! I grade a lot of music promos and its not uncommon for the Label to ask to give a 5-10% squeeze on the footage horizontally to make the artist look slimmer. Happens and awful lot, especially with female artist. 

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IMO, all because of the shooting distance.  Too close (between anamorphic front and rear glasses too) will reduce the ratio, so that is why we need +0.5 diopter for close shooting.

Here is the 3:1 sample took with ISCO integrated lens, which many people call it as 1.7x, 1.9x.  But actually, really is 2x, IMO.


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