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Fashion Film - 5d Raw


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This is a short fashion film that a few friends and I made recently for a graduate of the National College of Art & Design in Dublin, Ireland.

It was a non-commercial gig that we did with no money by calling in some favors. We filmed in two different locations, one in Dublin and another in Tullamore over the course of one day. A lot of the shots are available light with diff or bounce. The opening sequence in the science lab was lit with a couple of redheads and daylight. Small LED lights were used in places. It was mainly shot on Samyang Cine lenses 35mm & 85mm and a Canon 50mm f1.4.

Everything was shot raw either in 1080p 25fps or 50fps at a lower res. ProRes files were made in Resolve using the cinelog lut. The edit and grade was handled by the director. The original plan was to relink and for me to grade in Resolve but I moved to NYC recently so the director working from the ProRes files was the easiest solution.



Thanks for watching, some other stuff shot on everything from 16mm film to Red can be seen on my site: www.richardtwomey.com

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I've never even heard of a "Fashion Film" 



Haha not really sure what's the best term for something like this. 'Lookbook' seems to get used a lot in the world of fashion. My friend (the director) and I met up one day to discuss shooting something together. He knew a graduate designer who wanted some good shots of her stuff and the rest fell into place from there. 


Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the kind words. 

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