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A7s Grading

Tim Naylor

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I don't understand why people feel the need to post there redundant opinions about why they don't like the A7s, after it has been asked numerous times not to for the sake of the thread. There are MANY people achieving amazing results with this camera, and I believe this thread is meant for them, not you who can't and want to complain about it.

The video by Wolfcrow is fantastic! Keep up the productive comments!

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Hey guys, I threw a sample video together for you...   pass: jockjams   It's a compilation of some paid work I've done with the A7s.     I'm really against shooting s-log2 with this camera.

Hello all,   I've been a DP most of my career, a situation where I shoot footage and then the manipulation of the footage is literally out of my hands. With movies, I sit in on the grades and superv

"Get ready for this" - I remember liking that song as a little boy... Didn't expect to hear that song today :)     I like a lot of what I've seen from the A7S. My main nitpick with that camera is t

Hi Tim, I was also looking into getting an a7s. I thought this video shown a very interesting grading, maybe  you'll find it interesting in terms of color grading. 



Also the director shares (not much) some of his settings. I must say I am not a huge fan of the skin tone either on this particular video, but I still think it's a very nice grade. 

Good luck ! 

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