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GH4 100Mbs is now 100Mbs


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What are you finding your 200mbps bit rates looking like.  My 1080@60p 200mbps is getting 74mbps.......  

My 100mbps is getting around the 100mbps mark, 50 around the 50 mark but I cannot for the life of me get any data rates even remotely close to 200mbps.

1080 @ 60P ALL-I 200mbps does around 90mbps.  1080@30p ALL-I 200mbps is actually around 45mbps.

I've checked the bit rates using both quicktime and VLC.  Both show bite rates nothing remotely near 200mbps....

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I agree with Vesku.  I've had over 150mbits at times, but you really need the best Sandisk SDXC cards otherwise you will get write errors.  But yeah, it can vary from under 50mbits to 150mbits, but quality-wise it's a throwback to the GH3 encoding which isn't very good.  I highly recommend using 4K and then zooming in digitally.  Much sharper and a lot of headroom for moving around the frame in post.

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Guest Ebrahim Saadawi

200 mode is highly variable, if the scene doesn't demand much it will go down to as low as 30, and if the scene demands complex compression it will go up to 200, the 200 mode will look better in scenes with fast motion, changing colour, micro movements. I always always shoot at the 200 mode.

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I've tried everything.

Cranking the ISO (more noise means less compression), shooting detailed scenes, moving the camera a lot so the image is now fast moving and changing (ie less intra frame compression).

The best I get with 30p is 85mbps.  And at 60p its funnily enough 170mbps.  .... ie double the frame rate double the data rate...

Same test done the same way.  I'd expect some variance but the fact 30p@200mbps is pretty much exactly half of 60p@200mbps.

So 30p@200mbps seems to pretty much have no hope of EVER recording at 200mbps and doesn't quite even hit 100mbps.  Seems a bit wrong to me.

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Something to consider:


With All-I intraframe compression (IPB has interframe compression), increasing motion may actually make the compression require less bitrate than a static image.  A blurry photo requires less data to maintain quality compared to a sharp photo.

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