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GoPro Hero 4


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The new GoPro is out. 


As planned: 

4K 30fps

2.7K 50fps (great for fast action with good quality)

1080p 120fps (great for slowmo)


Interesting stuff:

Protune in video but also now in photo

Edit : max iso only ..  FULL MANUAL control in video (ISO, Aperture...)



Black edition get the new features but the silver (no 4K 30fps ...) gets a touchscreen ...


The bad:

1150mha battery, it will be 30-45min in 4K / 2.7K 50fps ...



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EOSHD Pro Color 5 for Sony cameras EOSHD Z LOG for Nikon CamerasEOSHD C-LOG and Film Profiles for All Canon DSLRs

I would like to see more examples of the 4k option online, not much has popped up yet. I noticed where the stock was negatively effected by a few crashes from early adopters, but this type of issue strikes me as one "too soon to judge" regarding stability. With so much on-the-line with this new camera and company, I feel any issues with stability would be addressed quickly.  Curious what type of limitations there are with 30fps, I don't fully understand how fps affects video. 

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Unless they came out with a last minute firmware update before they shipped, the cameras do NOT have FULL MANUAL control over exposure, much to my disappointment. Our shop got one early and I've messed around with it a bit. 


You have a limited amount of manual adjustments you can make, but nothing that can be called full control.

ISO: 400, 1600, and 6400


NO APERTURE SETTINGS! Instead you are left with EV compensation of +/- 2 in 0.5 increments, but it will only work if the exposure is within range of you ISO settings. For instance, if you are in a darker situation and want to shoot with as little noise as possible, you might want to shoot at 400 ISO and then open up the iris to get your exposure. But if the camera has already determined that it is getting the most exposure it can within the ISO settings you are using, the EV adjustment will actually have no affect on the image at all. I was shooting at 400 ISO and couldn't use the EV at all because it thought it was too dark. I actually liked the lighting, as it was an intentionally dimly lit room with only a few pools of light. When I changed the ISO up to an awful looking 6400, I was able to then make EV adjustments. I just didn't like it. I wanted to keep the shadows dark and set exposure for the lit areas, but it was looking at the image as a whole and thought it needed to brighten up the shadows until everything in them was visible. Thus locking me out of making any EV change.

Ultimately the lens is a fixed aperture f/2.8 lens and the EV is nothing more than raising or lowering gain. So 400 ISO with +2 on the EV is the same as shooting at 1600 ISO (though I haven't done noise tests to confirm that the results are actually identical) so that is why they left out the intermediate ISOs.

Also, even WITH the EV adjustment, the iris still automatically sets the exposure. The difference is that it takes your choice into account but will still adjust mid-shot if the camera thinks it needs to. It will just do the adjustment much slower. I had it in "full manual" mode and pointed it at brightened and darkened parts of the room and sure enough it opened up or closed down.

No control at all over shutter speeds. It will choose that for you.

So basically it still ain't a cinema camera in spite of the fact that you can shoot in a flat color profile for color correction, yet can't do something as simple as set a specific aperture or have any control whatsoever over shutter speed. I supposed you can trick the camera into using a slower shutter speed by using the ISO and EV settings together, as long as the camera agrees that your settings are within the parameters that IT thinks are the correct settings.

Still a great camera, don't get me wrong. The 3+ is used professionally all the time and this camera is an improvement pretty much across the board. But it isn't "manual" like actual filmmakers were expecting. It's more like "manual" as a surfer who wants to shoot his wipeouts would understand it. I do find it odd that they think professionals want to be able to have as much ability to use color correction in post as possible, yet overlook the idea that the camera guy would really just like to get a proper exposure first...

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