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How safe is it to give a potential distributor a copy of your film?

Jonesy Jones

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So I just finished my first feature film. My plan all along was self distribution, however, some interest has developed from a potential distributor. They are asking that I send them a copy of the film. They are willing to sign an NDA, but being that this is my first rodeo I just don't know how concerned I need to be about protecting my film. I understand I have some natural copyright protection, but I definitely do not have the resources to protect it legally speaking. Anyone have any experience or advice with this?



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Interesting, liked the sound & visuals, although I wasnt scared by the woman :) Nice shot with the moon.

Do not let your film out there without that watermark(but even that can't stop design pirates intent on stealing ideas & reframing them,

pity the decision maker can't be in the room, but understandably they could be far away.

At least one person from the Distribution Company should attend to show support,

and to see it as intended on a big screen, otherwise it could be shown on some laptop.

I'm not sure I would want to send it though, cant you just point them to a private/secure web page,

that only they can see & you can monitor.

Alternatively wrap it into a secure PDF just to make it awkward.

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You've got this far, what could possibly go wrong, if the Distro company is a known quantity, with some track record then it should be ok, but I have no idea what pitfalls await from the deals these companies make, hopefully they dont follow the same tricks they use to swindle Boy Bands out of  fortunes & tie them into exclusivety. Remember it doesnt have to look or smell like a shark to be a shark :)


Hey Xavier is your middle name derived from Plagarism? :huh:

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Watermark. Watermark Watermark. Occasionally have a watermark run across the screen in an establishing shot or something that doesn't have actors. See at the end of the day, if someone want to leak it there is nothing you can do. So the watermark at least helps you identify who did it. 


On a film I worked, we would invite all these guys to our office and show them a copy. Sadly, the film was so bad no one bought it. So as a filmmaker it's also a catch 22 situation. 

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