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Follow Focus for Iscorama 54


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Well i've been rack focusing with the 5 stubby things i was born with for quite sometime & no complaints.

Then the other night i cursed the fact that i didn't have a FF for the 54 - needless to say i kinda got the shot, but it took a while.


So does anyone have any decent suggestions (based on experience with the 54 or similar big lens), which won't break the bank & that work properly.

All tips, clues, advice really welcome,



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There is a FF gear made specifically for the 54 on ebay. No personal experience with it though.



Cheers, but really need the thing that will turn the gear first - nice heads up though!

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The ring mentioned above on eBay is perfect.  It fits my Isco 54 non-MC with just a touch of play so I put a single layer of blue painters' tape inside and then it works without slipping.  If you have a newer Isco 54 such as the Video adapter I-through III they may have a slightly raised rubber focus ring and this geared ring may not fit...but the seller custom makes them and will fit yours to measure if you contact him.  Use it with a rail system and any decent follow focus.  Redrock makes one you might check out.

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Thanks John, will check out the Fogta.

As far as price range goes, I can't afford an Arri FF!

So I suppose real max is £300ish

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