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EOSHD Pro Color 5 is out!

Andrew Reid

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You can now shoot Pro Color on the latest Sony Cameras such as the A7S III and it has been comprehensively updated for all existing models. This is a universal release, so no need to download a certain version of Pro Color to match your model any more. This one works on all cameras even those without Picture Profiles like the A9.

Hope you enjoy it, looking forward to seeing your footage. Any thoughts or feedback, please feel free to comment!


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I'm considering this; I have an A7ii but have never shot video with it because I have better cameras for that job. But it would be nice to have a simple option for the occasional times when I want to/need to use it. My main question/concern is that I want to be sure this won't affect my raw shots in any way. I have heard (though I don't understand why) that applying some of the picture profiles can actually have an effect on raw images (perhaps because it can cause you to misjudge exposure, that's the only thing I can think of logically, but maybe there's more to it than that?). I use my A7iii for stills and always shoot in raw.

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Some picture profiles like S-LOG have a high minimum ISO - say 1600 on some cameras. But that isn't the case with Pro Color and you exposure it as normal. It won't affect the RAW stills, just video and JPEGs. I am working on a version for RAWs, as Sony's RAW presets in Adobe Camera Raw and the Adobe ones don't bring out the best results either a lot of the time!

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Hi Andrew,

Just got the v5 upgrade, but ran in some challenges implementing it on my A7Rm2 and RX10M2 (4k versions with picture profiles).

Your descriptions mentions under GAMMA (choise 1!) (and then CINE 4) but the RX10m2 only has CIne 1 and 2)

Further there is nog S-Gamut3.cine (just S-Gamut)

No changes to the A7M2 camera's... 

So what do you recommend?



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