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Test: ISCO integrated project lens is underestimated...


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The test was using Canon 6D with EF 85mm f1.8 lens, auto focus. Actually is semi auto focus, the anamorphic lens needs to do manual focus.

BTW, this lens I have seen some seller said as 2x, 1.9x or even 1.7x. But I found the actual rate is around 1.9x might be the most close ratio.




original 100% crop


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I think 2x is correct.  But we cannot reach to infinity to test.  So usually should use 1.9x to unsqueezed.  Here is sample as 1.9x.  Original 1500x1000, 1000/1.9=526.  so final size is 1500x526.  Found center is the least anamorphic, image in sides are more like 2x.




Also post a flare test, not strong is known fact.  But still can use to adjust alignment.


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Yeah I have seen that effect, it is similar to extreme barrel distortion and is worse on wide angle taking lenses. I have found it needs to be corrected for panning shots or else they look funky.

What lens can take wider angle without barrel distortion? I saw 16h, or LA7200 even worse.
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The optics to compensate for barreling are pretty complex and need to be designed around a specific lens. Unless you buy a true anamorphic prime, barreling is going to happen if you're using anamorphic projection lenses, especially the 2x lenses. (The Iscoramas are a 1.5 squeeze so the field of view isn't as wide as 2x, so you get less barreling, up to a point.)

dhessel is right, you can use optic compensation to reduce it, but personally, I love that barreling...

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Based on my test, blue star and blank star lens have different flare performance due to coating difference, see pictures.  The blue star lens has none, but blue star lens has a little bit, at least I can use it to do alignment adjustment.   From serial number to tell, blue star lens is older. 

#5 tested picture was from blank star lens. 

If not care flaring, both lenses' sharpness and view angle have no difference at all.



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