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Help me with voiceover clips in Fairlight puhlease ❤️


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Hello guize,

I'm so stupid about audio, I dont even kno the right word to use for the title of this thread~!

Mixing? Mastering? some terminology would help my web searches lol

Help me out!  I'm new to this but i have to learn and i have to start somewhere!!!

> I have a project that's just like a ken burns pan and scan doc, and i have audio clips of voiceover to incorporate.

the audio clips are fairly clean, but they need some work. i have no idea where to start or what to do to make them sound professional. i need consistency, and some are louder than others, and a bunch have pretty darn heavy breathing on the track. there will be sound, background music and fx to mix with.

for better or worse, i already started the visuals in resolve and so id really like to use fairlight for the audio........ but i am too stupid to do so

i feel like i need to start with audio 101, so to speak – i dont even know the ~range~ for where the voice should be – isnt that a thing? lol

advice needed! how do i tackle this?

thank yewwwww ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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If you can use Adobe (I know, I know) Audition, the tools are actually pretty good as the EZ noob defaults are actually pretty good and get the job done for most things.

noise reduction, normalize, multi-band compressor, and you're usually pretty good to go, as long as you have removed any weird artifacts.

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