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New Sony 4K camera teased, source describes it as 'F55 in DSLR body'

Andrew Reid

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re: stills from video


Not all of us need to chase that elusive film look.... We can set our shutter speed higher than 1/48th, in fact, it is essential for certain work. As mentioned, i'm interested because it could be ideal for copter work, which we generally shoot at a faster shutter speed for post stablisation anyway.


similarly... ENG shooters who might pull stills for a newspaper while recording video for the media section of that newspaper will not have to go with a 180deg shutter.


180deg is just a creative choice anyway. See saving private ryan... does that look filmic to you?

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I'm not sure I understand the effectiveness of the idea behind capturing a stills from video because when I'm shooting video I'm shooting at 1/50. Sure if the decisive moment (frame) on my video was recorded without blur then great but I wouldn't trust that all important shots especially anything moving - would be frozen at 1/50th. I'm not going to shoot 4K video at 1/500 of a second either unless I just wanted it for a spray and pray stills exercise.

I find the GH series SH 40 frames/ second silent mode really a great compromise. It's not video but I can certainly capture the best stills shot  in an action sequence.

Not mentioning extracting the frames for the stills.

I remember shooting an editorial for a fashion magazine in the early 2000. We used a video camera because I wanted the pixelate look on the images. I shot all together less than an hour of video footage and it took 2 long hours days to decide which frames to pick for 10 images. Shooting on a still camera would have required 2/3 hours of editing.

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Curious as to whether this thing will be prohibitively expensive or how much Sony will cripple it in order to sell it at a more affordable price point.  


If it is in the $10,000+ price range and not crippled, what really differentiates it from an F5?


Probably way too much to ask for, but I'm hoping for "F55 quality" 10-bit internal 4K  with all the pro connections (XLR, SDI, etc) stripped off to lower the cost in a DSLR body for around $5K.  With the Blackmagic 4K cam and GH4 at much lower price points and similar specs, I don't think it's unrealistic, but I doubt Sony would do it.  Could create a big market for Sony FZ, FE, and A mount lenses though.


I'd love to see what the new Sony 55 f/1.8 is capable of on a great camera.

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"The biggest threat to photographic cameras and DSLRs is not smart-phones, but 4K video"

Right.... So beta took over from vhs, SACD's took over from MP3, Everyone makes video calls now instead of texting and no-one's ever used Instagram.

(Sadly in my view) most people don't really care about quality. Convenience is more important. I think you'll end up watching more portrait-format videos from people's mobiles than 4K

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