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Illuminati Wireless Light and Color Meter


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I've been kicking over the idea of picking up a color meter for quite a while. Most of my filming is outdoor run and gun with natural light, so a color meter or even a regular light meter isn't essential. However, I do shoot a bit of lit indoor interview footage or live show/concert scenes with difficult or mixed light situations. Something like a Sekonic c700 or 800 seems pretty price for what I'm doing at the moment. And old studio photographer I know lent me a old Minolta flash color meter, which should give me basic color temp measurements and plus green/magenta values, which is all I'm really looking for at this point. The meter is reading almost 1000 kelvin low, so I don't trust its plus green/magenta readings. 

The Illuminati wireless meter seems like it could be a legitimate tool. It's a ton cheaper than a Sekonic, but the because it's a meter that's sending light values to you phone to process, the company is cutting out the cost of processor and memory that a stand alone unit requires, plus whatever extra costs associated with the traditional light meter form factor. And I assume Sekonic is charging something of a premium because of their brand reputation and the lack of completion in this space.

All that being said, what I really want to know is if anyone has experience using one of these. Are they worth it? Is the app easy to use (on Android devices)? Are there any other options out there less than a grand (American)?


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That actually looks pretty good if it works. I have a c800, can't believe I bought the thing while back because of the $$$ but (ironically) you can't tell if your cheap led light is any good without measuring them.

Only started bringing it out on shoots recently but it makes matching lights so much easier when you can actually measure things 🙂 And helps the overall image. Is it worth it? Up to you... I think if you want to up your production values you need one at some point, but if you're happy with your image them why bother.


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