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First Car Video

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Here is the first corporate car video we did for SEAT - https://vimeo.com/81701602


Looking for advice on shooting techniques to improve the effects and style for the future shoots. Also going to ask some tech questions in the other forum as I am unsure of a few things.


I would really appreciate your help

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Nice. :) Maybe I'm a bit biased though, cause I hope to one day own one of those. :D


Few things I noticed: The music is way too loud during the interview, made it hard to understand the man. Also, the shot where the camera is mounted to the side of the car didn't match in with the rest... the look was different. Contrast etc.


For some ideas maybe you can watch Top Gear (hey, you're from the UK, you're watching Top Gear anyway, right?). They are very flashy and skilled of course.


For example Fzb6z6f0cbY on YouTube. Especially the parts starting at around 0:25, 1:40, 2:18, 4:15, 5:10.

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I would really appreciate your help


Sure, rip off a TopGear segment.  No joke.  Just try to do one of theirs shot for shot.  Every. Single. Edit.  Print out each and every screen grab from one of their edits, carry that style book to your field production and cross off every shot as you go.  Study how they use lighting as well.  There's a lot to be learned when following the leader.  


Oh yeah, if you're going to interview someone and have them talking on screen, don't punt the audio.  Either do it right and mic him up proper for high fidelity sound or don't do it at all.

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Thank you for the advice chaps - will check out the links from Youtube. Yes Top Gear are the benchmark when it comes to car stuff in the UK but if you watch corporate videos the look and feel are very different. Its more about the brand than it is how it drives etc...  Though I can learn a great deal about shooting from TG, copying one of their vids in the corporate world is not going to fit the brief. But will definitely check out the way they use lighting though.



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      Hi All
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      All but maybe two shots were at 18mm and roughly F4 which meant I didn't need to attach my Tokina. It's also worth noting I haven't enhanced the footage and this was with currently un-hacked firmware. The very slight softness and chromatic aberration at the edges of frame actually looks quite nice to me. In many ways the results remind me of Panavision films from the '70s and '80s (ie. John Carpenter).


      ...I love, love, love this lens.
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