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My cameras and kit

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  1. I think you might be interested to discover those 2 videos One is the trailer, one is the complete making of IF you like car chase, stunt and exciting stuff, you should have a look It is a remake of Fast and Furious made in China by the usual stunt team of Fast and furious 4 month shooting near Shanghai and I directed, edited and partly shot this Making of. Enjoy; Streets of Fury Trailer http://vimeo.com/98703764 Streets of Fury Making Of http://vimeo.com/97801113
  2. Here is the first corporate car video we did for SEAT - https://vimeo.com/81701602 Looking for advice on shooting techniques to improve the effects and style for the future shoots. Also going to ask some tech questions in the other forum as I am unsure of a few things. I would really appreciate your help
  3. Hi All I have posted our first car video in the video forum for you to view and comment on - I have never shot anything like this before so wanted to go through what I did and then see if you have any other ideas to get the footage better. I was shooting with 2 camera Canon 5D MkII and a MkIII At 24 fps, with a shutter speed of 1/50, an aperture of between f8 and f16, then balanced the light with the ISO and / or ND filter. As for the lens, I used a 50mm, 85mm and my 24-70mm most of the time. Most of the shots are of a moving car on a road so I had the lens on ∞ Thus attempting to
  4. This last weekend I shot some footage at a local import tuner car show. Because I haven't got my lens splint yet I went with the 14-42mm kit as my taking lens. I have a nice set of Nikkors adapted to my GH2 but walking around in a crowded place with that much weight stressing the camera body didn't seem like a good idea. All but maybe two shots were at 18mm and roughly F4 which meant I didn't need to attach my Tokina. It's also worth noting I haven't enhanced the footage and this was with currently un-hacked firmware. The very slight softness and chromatic aberration
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