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My cameras and kit

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  1. I think you might be interested to discover those 2 videos One is the trailer, one is the complete making of IF you like car chase, stunt and exciting stuff, you should have a look It is a remake of Fast and Furious made in China by the usual stunt team of Fast and furious 4 month shooting near Shanghai and I directed, edited and partly shot this Making of. Enjoy; Streets of Fury Trailer http://vimeo.com/98703764 Streets of Fury Making Of http://vimeo.com/97801113
  2. Here is the first corporate car video we did for SEAT - https://vimeo.com/81701602 Looking for advice on shooting techniques to improve the effects and style for the future shoots. Also going to ask some tech questions in the other forum as I am unsure of a few things. I would really appreciate your help
  3. Hi All I have posted our first car video in the video forum for you to view and comment on - I have never shot anything like this before so wanted to go through what I did and then see if you have any other ideas to get the footage better. I was shooting with 2 camera Canon 5D MkII and a MkIII At 24 fps, with a shutter speed of 1/50, an aperture of between f8 and f16, then balanced the light with the ISO and / or ND filter. As for the lens, I used a 50mm, 85mm and my 24-70mm most of the time. Most of the shots are of a moving car on a road so I had the lens on ∞ Thus attempting to keep the majority of the scene in focus. Do any of you shoot this type of thing? What methods and techniques do you use to get the sharpen you want from the moving images. All information welcome.
  4. This last weekend I shot some footage at a local import tuner car show. Because I haven't got my lens splint yet I went with the 14-42mm kit as my taking lens. I have a nice set of Nikkors adapted to my GH2 but walking around in a crowded place with that much weight stressing the camera body didn't seem like a good idea. All but maybe two shots were at 18mm and roughly F4 which meant I didn't need to attach my Tokina. It's also worth noting I haven't enhanced the footage and this was with currently un-hacked firmware. The very slight softness and chromatic aberration at the edges of frame actually looks quite nice to me. In many ways the results remind me of Panavision films from the '70s and '80s (ie. John Carpenter). [media]http://vimeo.com/50594617[/media] ...I love, love, love this lens.
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