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Will Canon & Nikon leaving the DSLR market boost Pentax?

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I doubt Pentax will survive. Ricoh could probably justify (in a Japanese sort of way) keeping the business open while its core business was doing well. But now that its office equipment business has collapsed (and is likely to be difficult for several years) the camera business just becomes an obvious cost saving item.

I am not sure Canon and Nikon moving their focus to mirrorless really helps Pentax. You now just find that you can pick up Canon and Nikon DSLRs (and to some extent dslr lenses) dirt cheap, so there is no real advantage to moving or choosing Pentax.

My feeling is that Pentax's lack of move into mirrorless is a sign of weakness (Ricoh not committing to the investment) rather than a core strategic decision. (A bit like Olympus's decision not to join the L mount but stick to M43.)

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i think if you buy a pentax,  your assured of getting a camera that can do everything previous cameras could do and should be able to do and maybe some new tricks.

buy a canon, and you know it can do more. its  just a case of which of its features are going to get kneecapped because of some bizarre policy instigated by hal 9000, the Artificial Intelligence  from 2001 a space Odyssey.  You know the line.

I'm sorry dave, but i can't do that !!    Thats pretty much how i see canon at the moment, but maybe thats just me 🙂

Speculating wildly now, but maybe Olympus had already seen the writing on the wall and figured they'd save some money, rather throw it at a new mount. Anyway there's nothing wrong with m43, i see no need to keep up with the joneses, besides who of us can say that L mount would have brought more to the olympus table than what they would have given away ?

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CaNikon isn’t leaving DSLR’s, they’re just focusing on mirrorless lenses. Both have a far more comprehensive lens lineup than Pentax and can keep cranking out bodies for a decade without producing another EF/F mount lens without a hiccup. Canon’s DPAF has them better positioned since it can be applied to bodies with or without a mirror seamlessly as we’ve seen with the 1dx3/R6.

Than there’s Sony’s SLT 😂😂😂


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