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Ghost Audio Track


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I'm having the weirdest issue with some audio tracks I recorded to my MixPre 3 II yesterday on a doc shoot. I had one boomed shotgun and one wireless lav connected to the MixPre, and everything was fine for the first two tracks. It was a very intense interview with a family who's youngest child got cancer from pesticide spray, so I was very caught up in the interview. At a certain point I noticed that the lav mic signal wasn't showing up on the recorder's screen so I stopped rolling to find the problem. If I remember correctly, the lav mic's channel was toggled off (I'm not sure how that happened, maybe when I was trying to adjust channel gain while focused on what my subjects were saying). I figured I just wouldn't have lav audio for however many takes the problem when on for.

When I pulled everything into Premiere, more takes than I expected didn't have the lav iso, which is the fourth channel in the WAV file. Then I noticed that the source monitor shows 4 channels for these clips, but when I pull them into the timeline only three show up, the lav channel is missing, as the screenshot below shows. 

If I open the original WAV file in Audition, it again shows four channels and when I extract the channels to mono files, the fourth channel does have audio present. What's going on here?

Screenshot (1).png

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On 9/5/2020 at 5:42 AM, IronFilm said:

Ah, more software to learn. Funny that it is incompatible with 32-bit float files. Of course, these files aren't 32-bit float because I was powering off of a USB power bank. The powering options are the main thing I don't like about the MixPre. I don't want to pay $65 to $100+ for a simple plastic battery sled to use better power options than AA size batteries.

On 9/4/2020 at 8:26 AM, Jeremy Clark said:

This has tripped me up MANY times - make sure that all the audio tracks in premiere are "on" (you have 3 active channels - A1-A3. Click so all are blue, then drag them over and see). 

It wasn't that the tracks weren't on. With the first clip, I was able to drag all four tracks in and I didn't change anything for the other ones that wouldn't drag the "ghost track" in. This screen grab is from a lot later on, after I deleted tracks I wasn't using and did some work in Audition.

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