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Reinforce HDMI


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The simple answer is to buy a not shitty camera that has SDI or full hdmi's. However there are just so many good cheap options out there with this one downfall, micro HDMI. So my question is would there be a way to take apart a camera say XT3, Sigma FP or whatever camera it is, and reinforce the micro HDMI port so it doesn't break so easily. 

I have taken apart cameras before but I am not familiar enough with electronics to know if something like this would be possible without destroying the electronic board. 


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2 hours ago, IronFilm said:

Practically speaking, the simplest/cheapest/fastest/best solution is just buy a camera rig which has a locking pin for the HDMI connector. That's the first thing I bought when I got my BMPCC.

of course although people report micro hdmi's breaking even with these precautions. I've heard this type of cable plus the locking pins could be a winner.


This takes the stress off of the micro HDMI port even more than just an adapter where the port is still receiver direct stress. Its still worrisome. 


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Or, instead of a cage with a locking pin, just go with a less expensive, delicate HDMI gimbal cable with a right-angle micro-HDMI connector:



You could can strain-relieve such flimsy, flat cables with gaffers tape or paper tape.

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