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Using EOSHD Pro LOG - Sony FS5 and Canon Cameras


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Has anyone used the EOSHD Pro LOG for Sony Cameras to match the FS5 to Canon color science?

I have been searching on here and on the forums and I cannot find any info on the FS5.

I am helping/consulting a church that has an array of cameras in which they are having trouble matching the footage from the FS5 to the rest of their Canon cameras. They have a couple of Canon XA50's and 5D4.

Has anyone had any luck matching the FS5 to Canon cameras? 

Does S-LOG 2 or 3 work better with this LUT? Should I use the faithful setting for the LUT?

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Pro Color is not a scientific tool for matching cameras in post.

It takes all the subjectively cinematic and good things about Canon's colour science and applies them to a different camera, in this case Sony A7 series.

Pro Color works on FS5 but it is more designed with the mirrorless cameras, more comprehensively tested on them.

I would try it and if it works then problem solved.

If not then your only option is to shoot LOG on both Sony and Canon bodies and match in post to the Canon faithful profile. Not easy though.

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