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IBIS on zooms and anamorphic


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On 2/6/2020 at 11:12 AM, seku said:

when you use ibis on panasonic cameras on manual/anamorphic, you also have to dial in focal length/squeeze. Dialing in focal length would be cumbersome with zooms. 

Thanks. Where do you enter that the lens is anamorphic for IBIS to behave correctly with it?

I feel like there are three different settings I need to independently change when I shoot anamorphic. I need to set desqueeze in the viewfinder to 2X to get a correct preview (which, to be fair, I really appreciate having, as most cameras lack this it seems), I need to set the record mode to 4k anamorphic 10 bit, and I need to set the IBIS to anamorphic separately? I shot something with a 50mm anamorphic lens with the IBIS set at 50mm (actually 55mm I think, oops) and it looks really bad (worse than a 5mm change would indicate).

IBIS is amazing on this camera btw. Just... confusing.

I actually think I like that all these options are there... for instance the anamorphic mode isn't as large as some lenses cover so it might be advantageous to shoot 6k and crop... but this camera is too much camera for me.

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