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Processor and Graphics Card Selection


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4 hours ago, KnightsFan said:

@EphraimP Sounds like it'll be a great build, that's probably what I would go for if I had the budget (and projects to work on--my day job is keeping me too busy these days!) Make sure to get a quality power supply if you don't already have one. No point risking damage to high quality components by cheaping out on a power supply, which is relatively inexpensive for even high end models.

I'd love to hear what you settle on for MoBo and RAM. I'm still eyeing an upgrade to Ryzen 3600 and haven't settled on those yet myself. I'm not in a hurry, so I may wait a few months and see if the B550 rumors materialize.

I'm sure your tech will know this, but keeping your cables out of the way of airflow does magic for thermal performance.

Yeah, I'm definitely cognizant of the benefits of airflow. On the bonus side, the reviews indicate that the 3950X runs a lot cooler than expected.

For the MoBo, I'm most likely going to go for the X570 AORUS ULTRA. Puget used the board for their test build.  For ram, I'm looking for 3600 mhz with low latency because the chip specs support ram speed that high and sounds like it's pretty tune-able for those who want to mess with it.

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