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Nikon D780 is announced! A Nikon Z6 in a DSLR format.


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1 hour ago, Mark Romero 2 said:

Otherwise, they should have just made the D780 as a mirrorless F Mount body

Pentax already tried and failed that approach. 

Is a few years later, but I think the traditional DSLR folks still won't accept that approach. 

The first place to try out the "mirrorless F Mount body" approach will be with the Nikon D3600 as a cost saving measure. Based on people's reactions to that, then maybe Nikon will try out another F Mount body like that or not. 

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Nikon N-Log 3D LUT firmware version 1.01 (the N-Log 3D LUT is a 3D lookup table developed by Nikon for use when color grading movie footage shot with N-Log gamma):

  • Added an N-Log–compatible “cube”-format 3D LUT file for the D780.


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