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I´m looking for some good non m4/3 wide lenses to a m4/3 camera


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Hi all,


I own Panasonic G6 with a brand new Panasonic14-140mm f 3,5-5,6 and Panasonic 25mm f 1,4 which is really great lens. All I use for documentary movies only.

As I need to cover wide angle I am not 100% sure about a quality of Panasonic 14-140mm at f 3,5 at 14mm and also I am not sure about prime lens Panasonic 14mm f 2,5 to be noticeably better than the new Panasonic 14-140mm at it´s 14mm at f 3,5...

Pls, are there some good prime lenses around at 12 or 14mm or does it make sense to buy Panasonic 14mm f 2,5?


Thanx a lot!!!

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these Pentax lenses fully cover a micro 4/3 sensor with no vignetting

the 18mm is a superb little lens

24mm is a bit soft on the edges sharp in the middle but I do like this as it has a cool look to it

and 24mm on a GH2/G6 is a useful 'standard' lens

50mm is very sharp

70mm is very sharp and has a superb looking bokeh drop off to it


all these are f2.8 lenses ,no apperture ,and if you want to stop down you need to bluetack a plastic washer onto the back element

I have 2 sizes that give me approx f5.6 and f11 ish


f5.6 is ok outside in cloud

f11 ok outside in sun

and with no washer fully open at f2.8 is great on set with lights

I just light the set for f2.8

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