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5D Mark III raw video (Magic Lantern) versus KineRAW MINI for image quality

Andrew Reid

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Me too, Im trying to put in an order now. Its a bit more expensive then the 5D but its more versatile. The high frame rate, getting the kineraw mount gives me the options of EF, PL and F mount. Ive put in a request for Emount. Hey Andrew lets make that one happen and then we can get a speedbooster working on it! Wider FOV and you get that stop back as well. The raw output for 4k, I also feel like I could rent this out more then a 5D with ML so instead of sitting around I could grab some of the market that cant afford to rent an epic or scarlet. 



"who would buy something that looks like it came from a time capsule of the 50s."
I would! Today's my birthday and I love the 1950's . Your mistake is that Kaypro was a way past the 50's. But I could care less what it looked like- it simply has to perform. As I teach in my classes
Looks BEHIND the lens don't count. Looks only matter in FRONT of the lens

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Andrew, have you played around with dual iso settings on the 5D3? It cut the resolution in half but the dynamic range jumps up to 14 Stops. It would be very interesting to see a test against a  KineRaw footage (A native 13 Stops Machine).   


Yes played around with it but for me, the loss of resolution and introduction of moire is not worth the extra dynamic range in most situations.


Cool feature though.

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