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Great video!!! Congrats. A 'subject' like that is always going to be a winner, but even so your framing and editing is really nice.

Can you tell more about the lenses you used?

How do you expose for a wide dynamic range? E.g keeping skies blue.

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    • By oceancamp
      Sharing my latest work as a freelance climbing/sport filmmaker.
      Shot entirely on the Panasonic GH4 in 4K and 1080p for slow-motion in 4 days in wonderful Isola d'Elba.
      Please do have a look even if you don't care much about the subject matter, I'd be very interested in some feedback!
      The video was cut into 4 parts for convenience, be sure to check for the links to the next episodes in the description.
    • By neonmuse
      “You find yourself at a sex party. This is not a fun surprise. What is this place? Why can’t you just go home?â€
      Watch the film here! 

      'Black And White' is a nail-biting, ultra unnerving morality tale about a man that finds himself stuck at a sex party in the middle of the country. It’s about the horror of moral collapse and how people act when no one is watching.      It could be one of the most intense clips you watch all year!   Shot entirely on a Nikon D800 DSLR. Buckle yourself in!       
      Richard Williamson
      *My last two films screened at a host of international festivals and won awards in the USA. This newest work is releasing immediately online.

    • By zeonmaster
      Excuse me for my english, I'm from Ukraine! I suggest you test video and some photos of the modified anamorphic adapter 35 NAP 2-2. adapter cost $ 40. used camera Nikon d800 and lens Samyang 85/1.4. focusing is possible from 1.1 meters to infinity (depends on the main lens). later I will make a casing for the adapter and the mechanism of simultaneous focus control and lens adapter. be pleased to answer all your questions!
      Download the original video clip and photos of each - http://www.ex.ua/view/75243102, login zeonmaster-seller, password zeonmaster.


    • By Jeroen de Cloe

      I'm struggling with film convert. As soon as I import Prores footage into my NLE and start applying a profile, I first select my camera and the way I recorded the footage (BMPCC / film). I shoot flat profile.

      The next step is to choose the right white balancing. This is where I experience an issue, possibly because I'm missing the point :-)

      Does Film Convert "know" how I shot the footage, from meta data or something? I guess not? Sometimes I need to change the color temperature to something else then how I set my camera color temperature during recording, forcing me to manually change the slider each captured scene.

      What is the correct procedure?

    • By Aussie Ash
      - EOSHD
      “We used the Alexa as a baseline and had the D800 recording to an outboard recorder uncompressed and to an internal memory card at H.264 compressed,†says Fletcher. “We also tested a Canon C300 with a Cooke lens on it—a $40,000 setup—running alongside the $4,000 Nikon D800 setup. The Canon footage had what you might call an over-smooth look to it. But the D800 uncompressed footage blew us away.â€
      When they looked at D800 footage alongside the ARRI baseline at Technicolor, he says, “we really couldn’t see much difference. But our jaws really hit the floor when we brought up the compressed D800 footage. Right then the decision was made with the post supervisor Megan Walsh that if we shoot with this camera, there is no need to shoot uncompressed. That means the file size goes from 4GB to 600 MB. That’s just the factory setup, too.â€
      “It won’t ever replace the Alexa, which is a better form factor, a better picture, and has more dynamic range. The Alexa is also amazing at highlight retention, and that’s because it is doing an in-camera HDR and noise mask. But when you look at how the Nikon is handling the roll-off on the highs, how it is handling the toe of the curve, [and] how it is handling no information to getting into the dark grays and coming up in the middle tones, it is doing a fantastic job. Footage is creamy and smooth, much like the Alexa footage. It really looks cinematic and stellar.â€
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