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Interesting effect with ND Filter


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yesterday I was filming a project with my Voigtlander lens wide open. I used a Genus ND Fader to keep the light down. Funny thing was, I always read that when you close the fader down too much, just before it opens wide again you get a skewed image which looks terrible. Which intrigued me, and prompted me to try it out yesterday. And yeah, the image looks weird, but in a rather beautiful way! See what happens if you position it just right over a bright light source. Pretty cool right!
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Whatever works for you: planned, unplanned; well thought-out, or miraculous epiphany. I never fail to shock my non-shooting friends, who are often surprised that I'll try odd or untested techniques while in the middle of a job. Part of what I love about this work is doing just that, and making discoveries that enhance the storytelling and create beautiful (or, at least, interesting!) images.

I've noticed that, just before going totally dark, my Lightcraft Works Fader ND tends to darken the lower left and upper right corners of the frame. It's kind of a modern vignette, and I like it very much. I think it looks good, so, I use it.

Isn't this a great time to be working?
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