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  1. Does Panasonic show the Lumix GH line (still cameras) at NAB?
  2. Yes, it's true that the GH3 LCD is fantastic, but I would love to have a   LOUPE EX-SUPPORTER GH1/GH2—style loupe for it. I have practically begged them for such a product, but have not had a response.   One can only hope and pray... or, maybe petition them en-masse?   Jeff
  3. It's all about the "suspension of disbelief." We have been, through years— generations even— of exposure to 24fps films, that we should suspend our disbelief when we experience the magic of narrative cinema at this frame rate. The phenomenon of persistence of vision takes at least 24fps to occur in a fiction film. (Below that rate, the image is too jumpy to be believable.) If you've ever shot 8mm film at 18fps, you know that you can make an image (and save film!), but the result is not believable as a narrative film; it's just too jumpy. Funny thing, at 24fps with a 180 degree shutter, the
  4. [quote name='OzNimbus' timestamp='1353034097' post='21737'] Please report away, I certainly have no issue with that! I read the same report you did & drew a very different conclusion..... that the issues still haven't been fully resolved & next week will be a litmus test to see if the glass is truly up to spec or not. I have 19 years experience in manufacturing to draw on, and until a finished product is actually rolling off the end of the line in quantity, and passes QC, it ain't fixed. There are many things that have to go right for the issue t
  5. Andrew, Please let us know when you actually receive a unit. Take a picture of it in your hands. With your invoice. Post it. All the best---
  6. [quote name='EOSHD' timestamp='1343829976' post='14780'] Jeff, do feel free to come back in a few weeks and eat your words. [/quote] Hmmmm... it is now August 21, and I have seen more rumors/statements that this camera will now ship in October. I think my words are entirely safe from mastication.
  7. OMG... NOT Film City! Take it from me: I love a deal, and I have bought their stuff in the past. But, do yourself a favor, and only buy QUALITY gear. Their stuff is awful. I took a couple their castings to my local machine shop, and my buddy there almost threw up. The worst thing that happened to me: the first follow focus I ever purchased was from them. The gearbox broke, on its own, while in transit in a Pelican case. What a waste of money.
  8. [quote name='EOSHD' timestamp='1343783508' post='14767'] It isn't vaporising, the camera is even rolling off the production line as you type! Hardly vaporware. [/quote] How do you know this? Until it ships, no matter who the company, it is not a product, just a marketing concept!
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