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    • By andrew berekdar
      Freefly Movi M10,
      Included with the kit are..
      2 x LiPo batteries, 2 x chargers, tools, Samsung tablet, stand, accessory mount, adjustable mounting plate.
      You are welcome to test the gimbal in London, feel free to get in touch with any questions.
      Selling for £2000
      (Also selling a Cinema Oxide Custom fitted Peli Case for the M10, selling at £500)
    • By Junior
      Hi EOSHD people!
      Which one to use with GH4? MÅVI? BeSteady? Defy? Others?
      Looks like nothing new came out at NAB 2014…
      Did someone try it? I'm really interested by BeSteady One: it looks like a very good value for money.
      (Really hard to find a review: would you write about it Andrew)?
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