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  1. hi all, we recently did an in-depth review of these two gimbals, as many of us are using DSLR and mirrorless cameras. We tested with Canon 70D, Panasonic Gh5, Sony a7s, and Nikon D750 and after 42minutes, here's the result https://youtu.be/ZbSYekkubHA
  2. Emanual, thanks for sharing the video. As for legality of this, I rode it at numerous places including a bar, a night market event, a festival, and also I've seen several people writing at the airports. it takes 3-5 mins to practice and many a few mins more to get the hang at it. We have lifted chairs, moved tables, etc. When you fall though, you do fall hard if you decide to ride it on full speed. The prices ranges from $89 to $1500 (if you continuing checking out Amazon or Ebay you can always find a deal). there are 3 types, a 700watts one (which is the better power) compared to the 500watts or 350watts. Overall, it's a great 'toy' converted to be used with gimbals Johnnuy
  3. I am not sure why you can't import native 4k mp4/mov into premier cs6. I do it all the time. Either on the Mac or PC
  4. Hi all first time commenter here :) I got the came-7000 as well and done a lot of research and reading/viewing before getting it (had one cheaper gimbal that was crap). It takes a lot of reading and time to out it together and tuning, I am still fairly new on that regards... I have also put together a complete resource page for anyone interested in getting the came-7000 to make their life easier lol
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