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Ty Harper

PC hard drive shipments could fall by 50% this year...

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51 minutes ago, Kisaha said:

My view about this is than in 2025 there will be fewer platforms amd eventually it will be just one including litteraly everything.

@Mokara before you didn't have 4K-6K-8K raw and 10bit and huge games and uncompressed audio e.t.c

In my case I have noticed that I buy the standard capacity of the time, which was 1GB a few years ago, then 2GB, 3GB, and now I am buying 4GB. They are equally filled with the junk or the masterpieces of the era (both mine or others).

For instance, if I want to download something that I do not have access in my country I choose the best quality I can find. 2 years ago 720p was more than enough. 4 years ago, even the screeners before the Oscars were "ok" to get the idea. Now, for some specific movies I am going more than 50-60GB.

Since late last year I started making 4K projects and using 10 bit files and raw and the such, so for a similar project of 3 years ago now I need a lot more space, and of course only locally.

Ya, but you are using fewer high capacity drives. I know from personal experience, I have a ton of older low capacity drives, and replaced most of them with 10 and 12 TB drives. Fewer numbers mean I can have them all in my server instead of popping small ones in and out. The small drives are super cheap nowdays, but why bother when for a little bit more per byte you can save a ton of physical space (not to mention all the support cards and cables needed to run them all).

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