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Vazen 1.8x anamorphic


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I’ll be saving up but waiting for the 28mm to start the kit off with the wide. Definitely in that magic “sub-$4K” price bracket that nobody has done well yet. That’s the price of a flagship DSLR body, which really is pretty reachable/attainable. I’d bash them for not being S35 compatible except for the recent explosion of the Pocket 4K. Truly a cinematic beast of a camera, and a set of (near) 2X anamorphics would punch it WAY above its weight class. I’m sure the smaller sensor size is one big factor in the reasonable pricing. If these are actually decent cine glass, they’ll keep m4/3 alive in my heart pretty much indefinitely. Don't get me wrong, medium format is inevitably coming, and it’s glorious. It definitely will have its place in the spherical realm... but smaller sensors work better for front element anamorphics. The glass doesn’t have to be ginormous to work. 

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