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Brett Stark

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Hi - Sorry for the noobie questions...


I see the guides on this site. I am a little unsure of them because I am interested in learning the real basics and not so attached to the camera itself...I actually just bought a rx100 to start out and will add something next yr.


So, can anyone recommend any good blogs with really decent beginning/how to articles or an ebook or something or even kindle book etc that will get me into this film/video stuff?


Or would you recommend say the GH2 and 50D guides on this site?





PS - Andrew - I am sure the guides are great:). Just checking if there is something even more intro I could get into first.



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I find all of them I've read to be 90% good or vaguely useful and 10% mediocre or plain bad advice. Wolfcrow for instance...worth a bit more than you pay for it (zilch) but not much more. Most of these sites have guides of some kind for sale or free. Just keep in mind the limitations of the authors and square their advice with those of others and most importantly your own experimentation.

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do you go out of your way to act like a wanker or does it just come naturally?

It must come naturally, as only a complete wanker would post such a bullshit reply...!



can you recommend a few good sites thx?


This blog has lots of good stuff & he's a proper DP, not some wannabe (you'll need to dig around but its not too big): 




& he has recommended some books which have been good:


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