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Bausch and Lomb Cinemascope Camera Attachment lens


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Hello everyone,

I picked up a nice B&L Cinemascope Camera Attachment Anamorphic lens but there seems to not be much content on it online. It is not the huge projection lens, but rather the early dual focus setup camera lens used by 20th Century Fox. Has anyone had any experience with using this lens before and would like to share it?


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It's the very first anamorphic lens attachment ever built for cinematography. Before this, there was Henri Chretien's original optic. It is obviously double-focus only, as a variable diopter on top would need to be massive. Maybe one of these new wireless units from PD Movie could be calibrated to synchronize the focus movement with a prime lens. I do believe that this worked down to 40mm on standard 35mm. It was used with original Baltars from B&L.



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On 4/6/2019 at 8:27 AM, denis.t said:

Picked it up on eBay, came in its original box too. Condition is quite nice with only a tiny cleaning mark on the rear element. Surprisingly it has very nice coverage, at 58mm on FF there is no vignetting.

Full frame 24mm sensor height or 20mm sensor height?

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