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  1. Hi Caleb, thanks for the test! Can I know is the top image using e-stabilization while the bottom one is without e-stabilization? Thanks
  2. Full frame 24mm sensor height or 20mm sensor height?
  3. The guides are included in the PDF guide provided.
  4. Thank you! The lens I used for the test shot with the girl holding the ColorChecker is Metabones 0.71x , YongNuo 50mm 1.8 and a Sankor 16D Anamorphic projector lens. The shot of the girl holding a picture frame in a room is from a test shot of my school assignment. The adjustments and the conversion I used is -1 Stop Pre Exp + P4Ka Tungsten (Main) + ABL 2 + Color Wheel Slider (Midtones and Highlights) to conform to cinema luminance for the skintone and scene context needed. Make sure to white balance to the key light and the skintone falls on the skintone line of the Vectorscope.
  5. Thanks Alex! That's great to hear.
  6. Pre Exp -0.66 + P4Ka Daylight Main + ABL 3
  7. Thanks Alex! Appreciate the effort you have done to make this color conversion. Can't wait to use it on my P4K's footages.
  8. It's okay Alex. I can wait for the BMPCC 4K Conversion, just go with the flow and since the firmware 6.6 hasn't released and not sure when will BM release it, I'm afraid they will modify the color science or improve the Braw and this may impact the making of P4K Lut . Just take your time do your best.
  9. Hi Alex! May I know when will the Pocket 4K Conversion be available? Can't wait to use it on my 4k xD
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